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Welcome to the Robotech Continuity pages. The lists I have created were born from an unavoidable desire to organize the many pieces of my favorite epic in the most linear way. In other words, I wanted to put everything in chronological order. When several series, each not only a tale of its own but also part of a greater story, are presented out of sequence and through different storytelling forms such as animation, comics, and novels, it doesn’t hurt to see what took place when.

These lists had been offline for a while after I had changed service providers years ago, so they’re making a comeback. Revisiting the subject matter over the years, I’ve noticed the discussion about what constitutes Robotech chronology has indeed continued. It’s rather neat to see that; back when I had placed my lists on the Internet the first time in 1996 to 1998, my site had been the only one I’d known that had a chronology featuring the episodes, novels, and comics as part of the same timeline. It’s good to see different viewpoints, especially when “canon” has been bandied about into insignificance (for Robotech and other series as well). No single take on the available material is the end-all or be-all on Robotech chronology, just as Robotech maestro Carl Macek never intended the animation or novels or comics or roleplaying games to be more valid than one or the other. Of course the same goes for my take. However, while I offer a specific viewpoint on the material, mine is also an informed one.

Please note there are two sections for the lists: Videos and comics comprise one while the novels are in another. Also, each section has two lists.

I placed the novel series separately because it simply works better by itself. (To emphasize again, that’s not to say that I think the novels are in a separate chronology, as you’ll see by my inclusive Robotech Timeline.) While some books covered areas that the TV episodes and comics didn’t, most adapted episodes and The Sentinels story, which has been covered up to a point in the comics. And to make things more interesting, even the novel adaptations of the episodes have material found nowhere else interspersed throughout them.

While cross-referencing the various sources, I’ve received input from three gentlemen who are among the leading Robotech chroniclers: comics writers Bill Spangler and Robert W. Gibson, and Jim Luceno, the author who had collaborated with the late Brian Daley to form the novels’ pseudonym, Jack McKinney. Before I decided to make my work widely available, Bill Spangler confirmed my suspicions on where certain comics that had given me pause should be placed. Robert W. Gibson offered input on other stories later, resulting in a couple changes to the Video/Comics lists. Jim Luceno provided me with insights into his work, and as Bill and Robert have done, gave answers to my continuity-related questions.

Now I’ll briefly tell you my thoughts on the epic. Robotech possesses some of the most memorable characters and scenes I have ever encountered. Each of the three major stories of the animated series, which provided the basis for the comics and novels to depict other great tales, enthralled me from beginning to end. I count myself among the lucky. And to those who will be watching the first episode of Robotech for the first time—preferably from a disc collection that presents the series as it originally aired, sound effects and allI envy the journey that awaits.

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The lists have been divided into the following pages:

Introduction to the Video/Comics Continuity

Video/Comics Continuity

Video/Comics Continuity The More Readable Version

Introduction to Robotechnuity for the Novel Series

Robotechnuity for the Novel Series

Robotechnuity The More Readable Version

Explaining the Logic Behind the Order

The Robotech Timeline – Specifically designed to complement the above Continuity links, this version of the Robotech Timeline features numerous significant moments from not just the animation, but the novels and comics as well. Each event has sources listed right after it.

Q&A With...This section features articles on pros who have had a hand in crafting the saga. Now available: my Q&As with novelist James Luceno and comics writer Bill Spangler. The most recent is a follow-up with Bill.

Miscellaneous – Any items on this site that dont fit in the previous sections will be included here. First up is Jen Heddles article Roboremembrance.

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Dedicated to Carl Macek. You have my thanks and admiration for all time.

Other Links

Official Website of Brian Daley – Tributes – The novels we've come to love wouldn't be the same without this gentleman's contribution. One-half of the Jack McKinney pseudonym, Brian Daley made the Robotech universe that much greater.

The Protoculture Times JT is a Robotech fanatic extraordinaire. In the past, he's held character and episode competitions, hosted a number of 2-hour-plus podcast episodes, and interviewed Robotech voice actors and authors. The site appears to be under reconstruction, but let's hope the material will be available again.
JT brings new and wonderful appreciation of the novels through videos that present excerpts with images and dramatic music. In addition, he uses the website to recap specific events while bringing his own insights to the series.    




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