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More Questions for Well-Regarded
Robotech Comics Writer Bill Spangler

By Mecha 8

Read the follow-up to the initial Q&A with
The Malcontent Uprisings writer Bill Spangler right here.

Chillin' like an ex-villain.

In the comic book series, reformed Zentraedi
warrior Miriya Parino fights against the Imperative    
of her people.



By Jen Heddle

Cartoon fans: Do you remember Robotech? Star Wars editor Jen Heddle certainly does. What's her favorite of the three parts? Take a guess, then read about why.

What kids in the '80s thought about Robotech: "Wow, this show is awesome! It has giant robots that transform into a super version of an F-14 Tomcat! It's like watching dozens of Jetfires at once! They're going to make a lot of Robotech cartoons like they're going to make a ton of Top Gun movies, for sure!"


Exclusive Q&A With James Luceno at
Robotech Continuity/Timeline Pages

By Mecha 8

I asked Robotech and Star Wars author James Luceno numerous questions. And he gave just as many great answers! Read the Q&A here. 

Know what's badder than you, Hunter? Being the other Robotech character who's on this webpage the same number of times as you and the Zentraedi who tore up your Battloidwith his bare hands.


Exclusive Q&A With Bill Spangler at
Robotech Continuity/Timeline Pages

By Mecha 8

Robotech comics writer and fan favorite Bill Spangler answers some burning questions for this website. You can read the Q&A here.

Watch out. He knows Breet Kune Do.

And fifteen other Asian-inspired sci-fi words.


Bane and Selina Kyle Confirmed for The Dark Knight Rises, But What About Talia al Ghul?

By Cobalt Glyph

So I got one right. Or maybe more than one? Read my thoughts on the selection of Selina Kyle for the upcoming movie and how my prediction for Talia still might be valid.

What the--?! Shouldn't the title be The Dark Knight Falls, as in the Knightfall yarn in the comics? The only time Bats will be rising is when I throw him over my head. He'll ascend for a second or two, but after that the movie could be called The Dark Knight Plummets Eighty Stories

Selina and Talia will make delightful additions to my harem.

Poison Ivy, you're getting company!


Talia al Ghul and Bane for The Dark Knight Rises

By Cobalt Glyph

There's been a lot of speculation on who the villains will be in the third Batman film. Well, Cobalt Glyph is here to tell you why there are only two probable choicesand how all other guesses suck! Read more

If loving the daughter of my greatest enemy is wrong, I don't want to be right.

Hey, Bats! Give ol' Baney a hug! Don't mind the ball gag.

Check out Cobalt Glyph's blog post.

With a Rebel Yell...

...Robotech readers wanted more, more, more!

The Zentraedi Rebellion was a novel that included a number of events inspired by the comic book The Malcontent Uprisings. Some of the questions for the Q&A with novelist James Luceno inspired the Zentraedi-focused follow-up with comics writer Bill Spangler. And that is how we came to the end of this circle.


From Haruhiko Mikimoto's prolific brush...

...came the most despised character in all of Robotech.

But guys and gals, doesn't she look all charming and sweet here and, like, not a twit?

What does Lisa Hayes have to fear from Minmei, besides great looks, a lovely voice, and a fabulous career? It's not like she cleans Rick's apartment...if you know what I'm talking about... 


A slightly lesser amount of time ago
in that same far, faraway galaxy. . . .

....the adventures of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo continued!

An account found in the Expanded Universe archives, The Unifying Force was chronicled by Master J-Lu Ceno.

From Lucasfilm

The first discovered nonpictorial Expanded Universe text was by Master Alla-Dee Foster. He's the Plagueis to J-Lu Ceno's Vader, except, you know, with Jedi.


The Green Hornet Chronicles Provides
More Spangler-Scribed Reading

And thrilling tales in general, to boot.

Artwork: Moonstone Books

Hey, Green followers! Still reeling from
The Green Hornet and Green Lantern movies? Then get a copy of The Green Hornet Chronicles anthology from the folks at Moonstone.

As for a decent Green Lantern fix...get any incarnation of the character outside of the movie.


The Dark Knight Rises, Gotham Crumbles... least that's what we're led to believe by looking at the teaser poster.

Jiminy Cricket! That is one huge Batarang that hit Gotham City!


The Robotech Continuity Pages Are Back Online 

By Mecha 8

Click the tab up top or the speed-line-streaked Rick Hunter and Sentinels pics below. Or just click here.

How much of a badass am I? No one else has goggles in the Robotech Defense Force. That's how much.

Know what's even badder than wearing those goggles? Making this uniform workthat's what.

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