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A numeral from the Tirolian calendar approximately equals a quarter of an Earth-standard year.

1171 Aeon Lanack
Zor is born on Tirol.  

1256-1490 A.L.
Quadrant exploration by the Tiresian technovoyager ship Azstraph—the “Venture.”  

1520 A.L.
The Azstraph enters the Tzuptum system and inserts itself into orbit around Optera. Zor encounters the Flower of Life, makes contact with the Invid, and seduces the secrets of the Flower from the Queen-Mother, the Regis.  

1697 A.L.
The Azstraph returns to Tirol. Zor begins to experiment with the Flower specimens he has brought with him from Optera.  

1755-1836 A.L.
Zor conjures Protoculture from the Flower and eventually falls victim to the Compulsion placed upon him by the Tiresian Council of Elders. Origin of the cult of the Three-In-One and ascendancy of the Robotech Masters. Fall of the Royal Hall, as the period known as the Great Transition commences.  

1920 A.L., also -16 Aeon “Robotech”
Development of the spacefold drive. Creation of Tirol’s clone population and neural reprogramming of the Zentraedi miner giants.  

88 A.R.
The razing of Optera by the Zentraedi.  

157-500 A.R.
Consolidation of the empire of the Robotech Masters. The Invid, after a burst of monocellular reproduction, declare war on the Robotech Masters.  

566 A.R.
Zor’s voyages deliver him to Haydon IV, where he has a profound encounter with the planetoid’s artificial sentience, the Awareness. 

Zor designs and builds the starship that will come to be called SDF-1, and—backed by a group of loyal Zentraedi—begins his quiet rebellion against the Robotech Masters.  

Zentraedi Commander-in-Chief Dolza forms an uneasy alliance with Zor, who has by now become hopelessly addicted to the dried leaves of the Flower.  

580-632 A.R., also 1976-1989 (Earth actual)
Zor’s clandestine seeding attempts take him to Peryton, Karbarra, Praxis, and Garuda.  

1990 (Earth actual)
The Global Civil War starts on Earth.  

640 A.R., also 1991 (Earth actual)
Zor seeds Spheris.  

1995 (Earth actual)
On Earth, the World Unification Alliance is formed.  

1998 (Earth actual)
Roy Fokker and Claudia Grant become intimate.  

671 A.R., also December 1999 (Earth actual)
Zor steals the single extant Protoculture matrix from Tiresia and conceals it within the engines of the SDF-1.  

Zor is killed by Invid soldiers during a Flower of Life seeding attempt. The Zentraedi Breetai is wounded in the same raid. The fortress, with its skeleton crew of loyal Zentraedi, folds from Tirol’s corner of the galaxy.  

An alien spaceship crash-lands on Earth, causing widespread destruction and casualties in its path. The ship impacts on Macross, an island in the South Pacific. It is originally called The Visitor.  

Lieutenant Roy Fokker, an Internationalist, meets face-to-face with General T.R. Edwards, his air combat rival in the Global Civil War. Edwards had been in the hire of the Northeast Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere (NACPS), among other groups.  

Commander-in-Chief Dolza orders Commander Reno to return Zor’s body to the Robotech Masters on Tirol.  

Fokker, Edwards, Captain Henry Gloval, and Dr. Emil Lang are part of the initial recon team investigating the ship. Lang receives a Protoculture mind boost from attempting to operate a console in the nerve center.  

Arrival of the ship alters the course of human history. Rebuilding and researching the vessel due to threat of alien invasion becomes top priority for the disparate groups as a whole but is spearheaded by the World Unification Alliance. The Visitor is dubbed Super Dimensional Fortress 1—SDF-1.  

2002 (Earth actual)
Destruction of Mars Base Sara. Lisa Hayes’s fiancé, Karl Riber, is killed in an attack by NACPS, duped into believing the base is a military installation.  

Lisa turns 17.  

Formation of the United Earth Government.  

May 2002
Construction of the Grand Cannon at Alaska Base begins.  

Development of the reconfigurable Veritech Fighter. Research on the alien ship has brought forth mecha, a category of war machine that includes the Veritech. Gross movements have manual controls, but mecha also requires the thoughts of the pilot in order to perform advanced movements and sequences.  

The Masters have their way with Zor, cloning tissue for their own purposes and extracting from the scientist’s residual cellular memories a vision of Earth—destination of the fortress and Protoculture matrix he has spirited from their grasp. On Tirol, Cabell “creates” Rem by cloning tissue from Zor as well.  

July 2002
Instatement of the Robotech Defense Force.  

September 2002
Located on Macross Island, the RDF Academy begins classes and training.  

Formation of the United Earth Defense Council under the leadership of Senator Russo, Admiral Nicholas Hayes, T.R. Edwards, among others.  

November 2004
Roy returns to Macross Island and begins test-piloting the Veritech Fighter.  

A raid on the Grand Cannon by the Lemurians terrorist group is thwarted by Edwards and Roy.  

April 2005
Lisa Hayes and Rolf Emerson start attending the RDF Academy.  

Secretly led by Anatole Leonard, an anti-Robotech faction kidnaps Nina Lang in an attempt to force her brother, Dr. Emil Lang, to help destroy the SDF-1. Roy rescues Nina.  

Lisa Hayes is assigned to the SDF-1 project on Macross Island, under the command of Captain Henry Gloval.  

December 2009
On the SDF-1’s launch day, the Zentraedi (after a ten-year search for Zor’s fortress and the missing Protoculture matrix) appear and lay siege to Macross Island. The fortress makes an accidental hyperspace jump to Pluto, carrying the island and its population of 75,000 with it. Fifteen-year-old Lynn-Minmei and 19-year-old Rick Hunter are caught up in the spacefold. Lisa Hayes is 24.  

Dr. Lang reports that the SDF-1’s spacefold system is missing. The SDF-1 starts battling its way back to Earth with Macross City rebuilt inside its massive holds.  

Rick Hunter joins the RDF.  

The Battle at Saturn’s Rings. The Daedalus Maneuver is used for the first time.  

Breetai calls up the Botoru Battallion, led by the notorious Khyron the Backstabber.

The Battle at Mars Base Sara.  

Rick earns the rank of lieutenant, with Ben Dixon and Max Sterling assigned to his VT squadron.  

Lynn-Minmei is voted “Miss Macross.”  

Rick, Lisa, and Ben are captured by Breetai and interrogated by Zentraedi Commander-in-Chief Dolza. The prisoners learn of the term “Protoculture” for the first time.  

Rick and the others escape with Max’s help. Three “micronized” Zentraedi spies—Rico, Konda, and Bron—are successfully inserted into the SDF-1.

The SDF-1 lands on Earth.  

Lynn-Minmei is reunited with her cousin Lynn-Kyle. Captain Gloval and Lisa attend a meeting with UEDC members, who order them not to release the SDF-1’s civilians but prepare the ship for departure from Earth instead.  

Rick is seriously wounded during a Zentraedi attack on the fortress.  

Max battles Quadrono ace Miriya Parino. Roy Fokker dies.  

In violation of UEDC orders, the SDF-1 travels in Earth’s skies. The North American Ontario Quadrant gives the SDF-1 permission to disembark its civilian population.  

Fellow Quadrono pilot Seloy Deparra helps Miriya Parino secretly board the SDF-1 in the guise of a “micronian.”  

The omnidirectional barrier cast by the SDF-1 chain-reacts due to energy fired from Khyron’s forces and results in thousands killed within a 25-mile radius on the ground. Ben Dixon is killed. The North American Ontario Quadrant revokes the offer to accept the SDF-1’s civilians.  

The SDF-1 leaves Earth.  

The Minmei Cult has its beginnings aboard the flagship of the Zentraedi fleet.  

Little White Dragon is aired.  

Gloval grants asylum to the three Zentraedi spies, among other Zentraedi.

Max Sterling weds former Quadrono ace Miriya Parino.  

Exedore arrives aboard the SDF-1 for peace talks.  

The Zentraedi armada, consisting of nearly five million warships, appears in Earthspace and lays waste to much of the planet. The global conflagration will be known as Dolza’s Rain of Death. Breetai’s forces are allied with the SDF-1. At Alaska Base, the Grand Cannon is destroyed and Admiral Nicholas Hayes is killed. T.R. Edwards, also at the base, survives. Dolza’s armada is destroyed and the SDF-1 returns to Earth.  

A period of reconstruction starts, with humans and Zentraedi working side by side. Construction of New Macross begins.  

Construction of SDF-2 begins.  

Dana Sterling is born.  

The birth of Bowie Grant (son of Claudia Grant’s brother, Vince).  

The factory satellite is captured from Zentraedi Commander Reno and folded to Earthspace.  

With lost confidence in their race of warrior clones, the Robotech Masters begin a mass pilgrimage through interstellar space to Earth to recapture Zor’s Protoculture matrix.  

Khyron makes a surprise appearance and takes Minmei and Lynn-Kyle hostage.  

December 2014
The destruction of New Macross, the SDFs 1 and 2, along with Khyron’s forces. Admiral Henry Gloval, Claudia Grant, Sammie Porter, Vanessa Leeds, and Kim Young are among the many casualties.  

Rise of Monument City.  

March 2015
Memorial service for New Macross City and the crews of the SDFs 1 and 2. Dr. Emil Lang and Admiral Lisa Hayes are among the speakers.  

April 2015
Demolition of Macross starts.  

Rick Hunter is promoted to Vice Admiral. The Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF) is formed for the express purpose of journeying to Tirol to sue for peace with the Robotech Masters.  

May 2015
Food shortages in the Southlands lead to confrontations between humans and micronized Zentraedi at food distribution points. The remaining full-size Zentraedi have been transported to the factory satellite or are living in the North.  

The remains of the three ships and Macross are buried under tons of earthen debris dredged up from Lake Gloval. Additional tons of specially treated sand, gravel, and pellets fill in the irradiated area. Three manmade buttes mark the resting places of Khyron’s cruiser and the SDFs 1 and 2.  

June 2015
Aboard the factory satellite, work commences on the SDF-3.  

July 2015
Anatole Leonard, governor of Brasilia, orders troops into the Zentraedi district of the city after a food riot. Approximately 1,100 Zentraedi, 44 sympathizers, and 86 bystanders are killed. The Brasilia Massacre, as it comes to be known, is considered to be the formal beginning of the Malcontent Uprisings (although the term “Malcontents” appears in news reports as early as 2013).  

Leonard claims the mecha pilots in Brasilia were provoked, but Max and Miriya Sterling, who were in the city at the time, take the truth to the news media. This action casts a shadow on their loyalty which lasts throughout the conflict.  

August 2015
Instatement of the second United Earth Government. The responsibility of the Malcontent situation shifts from the RDF to the UEG. 

August-October 2015
Zentraedi Malcontents leave the Southland cities by the hundreds, establishing independent guerilla bands. The bands tend to be segregated according to sex, as that is the structure the Zentraedi are most familiar.  

November 2015
An attempt at murdering Anatole Leonard is botched when one of the bombs carried by three male Zentraedi detonates prematurely. 

The Malcontent group Khyron’s Fist attacks and takes over the decommissioned Southern Grand Cannon in the Venezuela sector.  

Anatole Leonard announces the formation of the Army of the Southern Cross, a mobile force dedicated to stopping the Zentraedi raids. Leonard declares himself field marshal.  

Max Sterling leads Skull Squadron in a successful raid to take back the Southern Grand Cannon.  

The UEG reestablishes control over the armed forces in the Zentraedi-controlled Arkansas Protectorate, in order to control the influx of refugees and attempts to send supplies to the Malcontents. Technically, the Zentraedi still control the Protectorate, but they rule in name only.  

February 2016
Lea Carson is appointed governor of Cavern City. One of her first actions is to order a comprehensive study of the city’s defenses. Jonathan Wolff, an RDF captain, is assigned to make the study.  

The Cairo Summit. Representatives from a dozen Malcontent groups meet in the ruins of Cairo in an attempt to unify the scattered bands. A Southern Cross attack disperses the leaders before any decision is reached.  

April 2016
Wolff forms the Wolff Pack, an elite hovertank squadron, to protect Cavern City. Although Wolff quickly develops a reputation as a maverick, the Wolff Pack is officially part of the RDF.  

May 1, 2016
Launch of the telecom satellite that will become the Lorelei Network, broadcasting songs and propaganda talks by Lynn-Minmei.  

May 17, 2016
Launch of the unmanned Hades Mission. Its objective is the retrieval of SDF-1 computer components left in Plutospace after the hyperspace misfold.  

June 2016
The Malcontents, with their Zentraedi resistance to radiation, start to search the ruined cities in Western America and Northern Africa for electronic components and metal.  

The first Stinger suits—jury-rigged suits of powered armor—start appearing. In the first assault utilizing the mecha, a single Stinger annihilates 190 vehicles of a 206-vehicle convoy traveling from Cuiaba to Brasilia and instantly destroys a pair of escorting Veritechs.  

July 21, 2016
1,396 Zentraedi from Denver, Monument, Detroit, Portland, and other Northland cities are arrested without provocation by the UEG and interned at the Arkansas Protectorate. Forced micronization takes place, although the UEG denies allegations.  

July 2016
Rick proposes to Lisa and she accepts.  

August 2016
Lazlo Zand undergoes a Protoculture mind boost.  

September 2016
The 23rd Squadron, an RDF unit consisting of Zentraedi trained by Max Sterling, is formed.  

October 2016
A Malcontent band called the Steel Wind raids the Arkansas Protectorate in an attempt to liberate the detainees. The raid fails due to the intervention of the 23rd Squadron.  

November 10, 2016
Due to the pressure of public opinion against the Arkansas Protectorate, the detainees are released. Some join the Malcontents.  

The RDF announces to the press that many of the Malcontent Stingers are coming from a single source, a band dubbed the Scavengers. The leader of the Scavengers is not known.  

The Paranka, a Malcontent band also known as the Burrowers, launch a Stinger attack on Zagerstown, approximately 100 miles northeast of Buenos Aires. The death toll is 271.  

December 2016
The Army of the Southern Cross (ASC) captures 22 Stingers in what was apparently a Scavenger fabrication plant in Amazonia. The Zentraedi still at the scene have committed suicide, however, and the Scavenger leadership has escaped.  

March 15, 2017
A 1-megaton atomic bomb, assembled by Malcontent band Iron Ravens, destroys the city of Oasis in Africa. Approximately 53,000 people are killed. Jinas Treng, the leader of the Ravens, is captured less than a week later.  

March 2017
Lang introduces Minmei and her agent, Sam O’Toole, to Janice Em, a singing talent who is actually an android created by Lang.  

Malcontent sympathizers aboard the Robotech factory satellite attempt to take control of the SDF-3. The hijackers are repelled with minimal damage to the fortress.  

October 2017
Theofre Elmekk, the Zentraedi who led the would-be hijackers of the SDF-3, is placed on trial in a highly publicized event. The media coverage is discontinued after a few days, though, due to rioting.  

Conquest of Spheris—last of the “Local Group” worlds to fall, with the exception of Tirol, to the Invid.  

March 2018
Southern Cross forces strike at supposed Malcontent bases inside the border of the New Marxist Socialist Republic (NMSR) in Eastern Europe. Although there are skirmishes between Southern Cross and NMSR troops, intense diplomatic negotiations keep NMSR from formally siding with the Malcontents. (Rumors persist throughout the Uprisings that NMSR is covertly supplying Malcontent raiders.)  

June 2018
Operation Goliath: military incursion into the Zentraedi Control Zone in South America. The purpose is to find a Protoculture chamber supposedly controlled by the Malcontents. Rivalry between the RDF and the ASC is fierce as each suffers heavy losses. Whether the chamber actually existed is never established. The human troops withdraw after a few weeks, their ranks decimated by Malcontent attacks.   

July 2018
The last of the Paranka are captured by Leonard’s troops.  

Various Southland city-states ratify unification and secede from the UEG. Wyatt “Patty” Moran is instated as president of the Southlands.

August 2018
The Wolff Pack and Max Sterling invade a Shroud and Fist camp to retrieve a skyjacked cargo plane. One of the Wolff Pack tanks is exposed to a particle cloud carrying a Scavenger-employed virus. They unknowingly bring the deadly virus to Cavern City.

Miriya meets with Seloy Deparra, leader of the Scavengers, at a Scavenger base in the eastern foothills of the Andes, which is a site of a meeting between representatives of all the Malcontent bands. A former comrade-in-arms, Miriya is asked to look after Seloy’s child, Hirano.

Hirano and Seloy are killed.

Leonard takes control of Cavern City during its plague.

Senator Milburn is exposed as the mastermind behind using the Lorelei Network to trace incoming calls by Zentraedi.

Miriya escapes to an RDF base in Mexico and informs the RDF of the Scavengers’ plan to spread the “Madness” plague around the world.

Leonard’s use of lethal force to control the situation in Cavern City results in shots fired between the Wolff Pack and the ASC.

he RDF attacks the Scavenger base and the laboratory for the virus; ASC strikes the base as well. The Malcontents are dealt a death blow.  

November 2018

Jinas Treng and default Scavenger leader Marla Stenik are executed by Breetai and Miriya in a Zentraedi trial-by-combat called Kara-Thun. The UEG recognizes the ASC as a full partner with the RDF in the newly forming Earth Defense Force.  

January 2019
The Accord of 2019. Leonard gains the rank Commander-in-Chief of the Southern Armed Forces and secondary headquarters in Monument. The RDF receives private headquarters in Monument as well.

Rick is 29; Lisa, 34; Dana and Bowie, 7; Scott Bernard, Lang’s godson from the recently completed Mars Base, is 11.

June 2020
Rick Hunter and Lisa Hayes wed aboard the factory satellite. Dana and Bowie are given over to the care of Rolf and Laura Emerson. 

The SDF-3 is launched. Minmei and Janice Em are caught up in the spacefold.  

The RDF is granted private headquarters on Fokker Aerospace Base by the Accord of 2022. Leonard becomes permanently based in Monument.  

UEG Chairman Wyatt Moran and Southern Crossers consolidate their power.  

The Invid Regent takes Tirol.  

Sickened by the Regent’s bloodlust, the Regis leaves Optera for Praxis to carry on her Genesis Pit experiments.  

The Robotech Expeditionary Force arrives in Fantomaspace and engages the Invid; the fortress’s spacefold generators are damaged. (The REF is unaware that the fold has taken five Earth-standard years and believes the date to be 2020.) Tiresians Cabell and Rem inform the REF Plenipotentiary Council that the Robotech Masters are on their way to Earth. T.R. Edwards and his Ghost Squadron capture the living computer the Regent has left behind in Tiresia’s Royal Hall.  

Amy Pollard inexplicably loses control of her Alpha Fighter and is killed. Lieutenant Terry Weston experiences the same phenomenon but lives.                                                                                                                                                      

The Zentraedi contingent of the REF agrees to be returned to full size so that they can mine Fantoma for monopole ore to fuel the SDF-3 and a new fleet of warships.  

The Sentinels—composed of Praxians, Garudans, Karbarrans, Haydonites, Spherisians, and Perytonians—are formed to liberate planets recently conquered and occupied by the Invid horde.  

Weston, aided by Dana Sterling, finds proof that the Giles Academy is a front for using cybertechnology to rob control of Alphas from their pilots. Academy founder Henry Giles, who has unsubstantiated links to Leonard, is soon found dead.  

The enigmatic Haydon becomes a source of interest to Lang and others.  

The Hunters, Grants, Sterlings, and other REFers leave Fantomaspace aboard the Sentinels’ ship, the Farrago.  

T.R. Edwards begins his attempts to possess Lynn-Minmei.  

Karbarra is liberated. Tesla and Burak form a curious partnership.  

Edwards starts secret talks with the Invid Regent.  

The Farrago is destroyed, and the Ground Military Unit is stranded on Praxis shortly after the Regis’s leave-taking for Haydon IV. 

Death of Baldan I.  

Colonel Jonathan Wolff, Janice Em, Tesla, and Burak return to Tirol. Edwards holds sway over the REF Plenipotentiary Council. Tesla murders a simulagent sent to Tirol by the Regent. Wolff steals the newly constructed SDF-7 and becomes wanted for murder and piracy.  

Praxis explodes due to the Genesis Pit experiments. Wolff rescues the Sentinels.  

Control of the Fantoma mining operations passes to Edwards.  

Baldan II is “shaped” by Teal.  

Rick, Lisa, Karen Penn, Rem, and Miriya suffer the nearly fatal effects of Garuda’s atmosphere.  

Garuda is liberated.  

The Zentraedi leave Tirolspace with the monopole ore needed for the fleet’s warships.  

The Sentinels arrive on Haydon IV shortly after the Regis’s departure and “surrender” themselves to the occupying Invid troops. Rem learns that he is actually a clone of Zor. Janice Em reveals herself to be an android.  

Edwards loses his grip on the council after troops sent out to hunt down the Zentraedi side with them instead.  

Sarna is killed. The liberation of Haydon IV.  

A prototype ship under the command of Major John Carpenter leaves Tirol for Earth.  

Wolff, Breetai, and Grant return to Tirol and clear the Sentinels of all charges. Edwards and his Ghost Riders flee Tirol for Optera, taking Lynn-Minmei and the awakened Invid living computer from Tiresia with them.  

Spheris is liberated. Tesla leaves the Ark Angel to have it out with the Regent.  

Aurora is born to Miriya Sterling on Haydon IV.  

Wolff leaves for Earth.  

Edwards arrives on Optera. Tesla is chased off. The Sentinels move against Peryton.  

Exedore arrives on Haydon IV with the council’s peace proposal for the Regent.  

Breetai and the Regent die together.  

Tesla and Burak sacrifice themselves to end Peryton’s curse.  

December 2028
Return of the missing components from the Hades Mission.  

January 2029
With all of its components in place, the mother computer from the SDF-1 becomes accessible to Zand.  

Lang makes a series of shattering discoveries about the spacefold generators his teams have used in Carpenter and Wolff’s ships.  

Exedore finds significant data involving Zor and the historical Haydon.  

May 2029
Former RDFers and Southern Crossers within the Earth Defense Force open war on each other in Venezuela.  

August 2029
The Battle for Optera. Arla-non, Teal, Janice Em, and Edwards die.  

September 2029
From within the outer planetary orbits of the solar system, the approaching Robotech Masters make contact with Zor’s computer.  

October 2029
Ark Angel begins a slow return to Tirol after a mop-up on Optera.

Breetai’s son, Drannin, is born to Zentraedi Kazianna Hesh.

Leonard attempts a coup on the UEG and attacks RDFer General Nigel Aldershot’s forces.

Zand communicates with the Masters.  

The entire memory of Zor’s computer is wiped.   

November 2029

The Accord of 2029. The Earth Defense Force is retooled and renamed as the Army of the Southern Cross, and Leonard becomes its Supreme Commander. RDF elements are absorbed into the Global Military Police. The Robotech factory satellite, populated by disaffected Zentraedi, leaves Earthspace.

Roy Hunter is born in Tiresia. The REF and the Karbarrans begin work on the main-fleet ships. Lang’s Robotech teams perfect an integrated system of body armor and reconfigurable cycles known as Cyclones.  

Dana Sterling and Bowie Grant, both 18, graduate from the Southern Cross Military Academy and are assigned to the 15th Alpha Tactical Armored Corps, which includes Sean Philips, Angelo Dante, and Louie Nichols.  

The Robotech Masters arrive in Earthspace, and the Second Robotech War begins.  

Bioroids led by Zor Prime, a clone of the original Zor, attempt to excavate the burial site of the SDF-1. Southern Cross forces attack. 

The 15th ATAC takes down the flagship-fortress of the Robotech Masters.  

Bowie meets the clone Musica while on a reconnaissance mission aboard the fallen vessel.  

Another fortress of the Masters retrieves the flagship.  

Major John Carpenter arrives.  

Zor Prime is introduced to the 15th ATAC.  

June 2032
Major General Rolf Emerson dies aboard the Tirolian flagship.  

Dana receives a telepathic warning from Aurora about the Invid and the Flower of Life spores.  

Monument City is destroyed. Death of Leonard.  

End of the Second Robotech War. Zor Prime’s destruction of the Masters’ vessel results in the loosing of the Flowers of Life from the Protoculture matrix concealed within the engines of the SDF-1. Lazlo Zand dies. Spores cover the planet, and the Flower takes root, alerting the Regis’s sensor nebula.  

The Robotech factory satellite returns to Earthspace.  

Wolff’s ship, the Homeward Bound, arrives and achieves lunar orbit.  

With Rem’s guidance, Optera is fully reseeded with the Flowers of Life.  

August 2032
Dana commandeers Wolff’s ship after the drives are retrofitted by former 15th ATAC whiz-kid Louie Nichols.  

The remnants of troops on Earth form the next Defense Force. Optera is given over to the homeless Praxians, who rename the planet New Praxis. The Opteran Flowers become the crop for a new Protoculture matrix created by Rem, who has managed to tap some of his progenitor’s—Zor’s—memories.  

The Invid “disappear” from Tirol’s corner of the galaxy. It is assumed that the Regis has begun her move against Earth.  

Max, Miriya, and Aurora Sterling arrive on Tirol from Haydon IV.  

The Mars Division leaves Tirol with 18-year-old Scott Bernard aboard.  

January 2033
The Invid Regis arrives on Earth. Her army of soldiers and mecha destroys the factory satellite and easily defeats Earth’s depleted defenses. Hives and farms are set up worldwide, and some Terran captives are forced to work in labor camps, harvesting Flowers and processing nutrient for use in the Regis’s terror weapons and battlecraft. 

March 2033
Terry Weston dies during a raid on an Invid hive in Old Texas.  

Earth battalions led by Carpenter and forces from Moonbase ALUCE headed by General Desmond Nobutu are devastated in a coordinated attack on Reflex Point, the Regis’s central hive complex.  

Carpenter and Bekka Cade form the Splinters, a resistance group striving to leave for the moon.  

July 2033
The Invid superweapon Red Moon begins killing Zentraedi in the Northlands.  

Arrival of Dana Sterling on Tirol. With her are Bowie Grant, Sean Philips, Angelo Dante, Marie Crystal, and Musica, Allegra, and other surviving clones.  

October 2033
The Splinters destroy the Red Moon over their headquarters in New Portland.  

Nearly instantaneous spacefold becomes a reality for the REF main-fleet ships. Shadow Fighters and neutron “S” missiles are developed for use in the assault against Earth.  

Arrival and defeat of Mars Division in Earthspace.  

Scott Bernard and his ragtag band of freedom fighters—Rand, Rook Bartley, Lunk Cooper, Lancer, and Annie LaBelle—begin a journey toward Reflex Point.  

Rook revisits Cavern City.  

Wolff dies after the band’s arrival in Soldiertown.  

Scott, Rand, and Annie encounter a Genesis Pit.  

The band gains more mecha at the Point K battle site. Invid simulagent Ariel joins the crew.  

Carpenter and Bekka meet Scott’s group.  

Sera and Corg are birthed by the Regis, who deems the human form as the next stage of transmutation for the Invid.  

Jupiter attack wing arrives in Earthspace. Photojournalist Sue Graham dies on Earth.  

The REF main-fleet ships fold from Tirol to Earth and launch an attack against Reflex Point. Carpenter starts sending Splinter members to the moonbase. The SDF-3 fails to remanifest in Earthspace. Rick is 40 (or 45 by chronological reckoning); Lisa is 45 (or 50). The Regis and her children take leave of the planet in the form of a phoenix of mindstuff, annihilating the REF ships in the process and ending the Third Robotech War.  

On Haydon IV, Veidt and Exedore are present at the reawakening of the planet’s artificial sentience, the Awareness. Max and his family are also on-planet. Cabell is on Tirol.  

Haydon IV leaves orbit under its own power, taking prisoner all on the planet.  

The SDF-3 emerges into a phenomenon Lang and Rem eventually dub as “newspace.” The fold drives are missing.  

Aboard the Ark Angel, which has been spared the fate of the rest of the main-fleet ships, Scott Bernard and Vince and Jean Grant commence a search for the missing fortress. Marlene and Louie Nichols accompany them.  

Haydon IV emerges from hyperspace and inserts itself in orbit around the black hole called Ranaath’s star. Ark Angel folds to Tirolspace and picks up Cabell, whose findings show the universe is shrinking.  

Rick leads a recon patrol on a planet that suddenly appeared in newspace.  

Haydon IV destroys an attacking Karbarran flotilla. Assisted by Louie’s cyberteam, Scott leads a Veritech group in procuring one of the vessels Haydon IV manufactured for traveling into Ranaath’s star. With the liberated Sterlings, the Grants and Scott ride the vessel into the black hole. Also liberated, Exedore heads to Tirol in Ark Angel with Cabell.  

The mysterious entity known as Haydon emerges from within the planet that shares his name. Out of hiding, the Robotech Elders make a proposition to Haydon.  

The children of the SDF-3 telepathically communicate with Aurora.  

Haydon arrives on New Praxis. As ordered, the Praxians gather all of the immature Flowers of Life. Haydon leaves with the harvest. 

The spacejacked vessel Peter Pan arrives in newspace. Peter Pan's crew is reunited with the crew of the SDF-3.  

A flotilla, consisting of Karbarran, Spherisian, Garudan, and Perytonian elements, launches an assault against the latest reconfiguration of Haydon IV. Rick and Lisa lead a landing party that encounters the Regis on the newspace planet now dubbed Omphalos.  

Max battles the “Black Knight” mecha that has captured Dana. Haydon steals Rem’s facsimile matrix on Tirol.  

Using an apparatus of Zor’s, Lang merges with the Shapings of the Protoculture in an effort to affect them.  

Haydon crosses the Event Horizon of the Regis-controlled newspace.  

The children of the SDF-3 attempt to retrieve the ship’s missing spacefold drives but obtain the drives for the SDF-1 across time and space instead. The SDF-3 begins its fold out of newspace.  

In the Intersection, Haydon and the Regis are illuminated with heightened perceptions of the past and future. Again the Regis transforms into a phoenix of mindstuff and takes flight. Rem and Minmei are abducted by Haydon. Newspace is no more and what replaces it is a domain reshaped by Haydon with different physical laws. The Robotech Elders reside here within a prison-sphere.  

The Regis returns with her children to New Praxis. They adopt the forms they wore before the coming of Zor and peacefully live apart from the Praxians.  

The SDF-3 remanifests in Earthspace, the last of the Protoculture having been drained away en route. With the aid of the Local Group worlds, Earth has been undergoing a revitalization since events in the Intersection.  

Construction of the SDF-4 nears completion. Admiral Lisa Hayes-Hunter will command. A mission objective is to determine whether or not Protoculture played a role in the Andromeda Galaxy.  

Rem and Minmei live in a worldlet composed of a small island and sea. Flowers of Life grow around the drives of the SDF-3 on a hill. The child in Minmei’s womb will become the man named Zor.

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